About Us

Company Information

Tech Consulting Group (TCG) is an emerging provider of information technology services that extends beyond the norm. Our services enable customers to reach their full potential through our informative, reliant and cost-effective solutions. TCG will guide you with any technological needs, no matter what it is.

Our Story

TCG began its IT journey in 2014 as a testing services company. It originally focused on offering project-based quality assurance services for businesses and software platforms. TCG has since diversified and now offers professional services, custom software development and IT consulting services. We are currently expanding services and exploring other areas of software development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable our clients’ needs in best way possible. Delivering ethical business practices, TCG’s mission is to create real results, all the while sustaining affordable IT solutions that emphasis and reflect exceptional customer value and appreciation.


Our software delivery business models add exceptional value to our customers. TCG offers services that reduce application and support costs, enables fast staffing, and focuses on a timely delivery. TCG’s diverse team adds value with their range of expertise and ability to develop effective technological solutions.


TCG’s principles are stipulated by a very structured approach. In relation to clients, contacts, employees and other affiliates, TCG is dedicated to transparent results. Our diverse team is increasingly growing and demonstrating the best skills to overcome every challenge, with any new technology. This includes incomparable Application Development, EPR solutions, IT Services, DevOps and much more.

Our Experience

Placing a high importance on employee satisfaction, TCG promotes teamwork, ownership, flexibility and career growth. A dedicated team, means dedicated results. With accountability being a huge focus, we have remote team members that are fully qualified and able to perform at their fullest potential to maximize results the best way possible.

Our specialties are:

  • Field service management
  • Trucking Logistics
  • Insurance
  • Property & Causality
  • Annuities
  • Banking and Treasury
  • Custom website development [SaaS model]
  • Retail Distribution, Ecommerce

Our Management Team